Make plans to attend Woodland Historical Cemetery Walk

Published 9:07 pm Saturday, August 8, 2009

More rainy weather is upon us. We are hoping it runs its course before the Woodland Historical Cemetery Walk, which will be Sept. 19. On Aug. 29, at the museum, the program will be “Meet the Ghost Walk Characters.”

Plans are being made now for this annual cemetery walk. If you have never experienced it, this is the year to attend it.

We are going to be making apple butter at the museum this autumn. If you have jars around that you can spare, we would love to have them.

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Bring them to the museum and if it is closed leave them on the back porch.

We will really appreciate them. Also so many have missed the good apple butter that is always made at the historical museum. We always enjoy making it.

We are also looking forward to the signing of the book by Tim Throckmorton, pastor of Plymouth Heights Church, Franklin Furnace, at the Briggs Library in Ironton on Aug. 27. Remember this date.

Historical Fact: Part II Robert E. Lee’s Mother Buried Alive

While sweeping, the old sexton heard a weak, far-off sounding voice call “Help. Help. Help.” The sexton could not account for the voice unless it were from the dead and he soon was without the walls of the mausoleum.

Arguing to himself the voice had been entirely his imagination, he finally took courage and returned to his sweeping.

Finishing his sweeping, he walked to the casket to strew the flowers over the lid. Again he heard that weak, far-off voice calling, “Help. Help. Help.”

He was standing directly over the glass of the lid and looking into the face of the supposedly dead woman, he saw her lips quiver.

The lid was hurriedly removed by him before he summoned assistance. Mrs. Lee was taken from the mausoleum to the house, where she soon recovered and lived to a ripe old age. Fifteen months after the incident, Robert Edward Lee was born.

(Taken from the Shepherdstown, W.Va. Register)