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Dick Burdette to host book signing at Portsmouth Public Library

PORTSMOUTH — The Portsmouth Public Library, which is located at 1220 Gallia St., will present Dick Burdette, author of “The Fabulous Waterloo Wonders,” “Pockets Full Awry: The Obrist Murder Case” and now “The Man Who Limped” on Thursday, Dec. 17, from 4 to 7:30 p.m.

Burdette’s newest release encompasses the 1921 double homicide, which happened in Scioto County, the story about a case that was solved, but the mystery wasn’t.

Burdette, a veteran investigative reporter, as well as a roving columnist for The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel and Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader is also a native of Scioto County.

Burdette also notes others who helped with this particular book, include Nancy Adkins, who also helped research the “Obrist” book; Les Bond, a retired FBI agent, and Harold T. Pack, who helped answer questions about how the car ended up on one side of the Scioto River and the bodies on the other.

“There’s an old concrete building standing there now. It is on the site where the cottage stood and the bodies were found there,” Burdette said. “So, the story begins with — what was the car doing on one side of the Scioto River and bodies on the other side? Why were they killed? How did they get there?” Yes, the weathered little cottage is long gone now, replaced by a cinderblock structure, itself abandoned, deteriorating, forlorn.”

The narrow, winding lane leading back to it is nearly gone too, obscured, except during the barren bleakness of winter, by the skeletons of tall weeds, gangly saplings and thickening underbrush.

But even now, nearly 90 years later, as they drive along the Scioto Trail south of Lucasville, those dwindling few who know the story cannot take their eyes off the place where it all happened.

Anyone interested in purchasing an autographed copy of “The Man Who Limped” an opportunity to do so will be given during this author presentation.

For further information or to reserve a seat, please phone 740-353-5834.