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Ironton High School clubs buy presents for needy youth

IRONTON — With the help of the Spanish and Math clubs at Ironton High School, some Lawrence County youth will have a better Christmas this year.

The clubs have teamed up with the Lawrence County Young Professionals for its Secret Santa program.

The clubs used money from their budgets to shop for 25 children.

“This is the first year this has been done at Ironton High School,” Carissa Weber, faculty adviser of the Spanish Club, said. “The kids had so much fun and took it so seriously. They’ve asked if we can do it again.”

The Young Professionals came to the clubs with the idea to help.

The clubs took the names of 25 children and shopped for them Thursday.

The children’s ages ranged from 2 months to 14 years.

Weber said the students were touched because some of the children asked for necessities like toothpaste, shampoo and winter coats rather than toys.

“Most of these (students) are very fortunate and a lot of them don’t understand how unfortunate some are,” Weber said. “They were given a budget to work with and it’s teaching them to help others and showing them that some people don’t have a good Christmas.”

Two students from the Spanish Club were so moved by one 6-year-old’s wish for a bike that they were willing to contribute some of their own money.

Sarah Lambert and Kaitlyn Hackworth were assigned to purchase gifts for the boy. The girls found a Spider Man bike that they thought was in the price range. When they got to the register, however, they realized it was more than they thought.

Luckily, the Spanish Club chipped in the rest of the money so the girls did not have to use their own.

“It makes me feel really good,” Hackworth said of the boy receiving his bike.

“They’ve really come together and they enjoyed this and I think they’ve learned so much from this experience,” Weber said.

Math club adviser Nichole Hicks said the program helped her students get into the spirit of Christmas.

“A lot of them were so upset knowing that this is all (the children) are getting (for Christmas),” Hicks said. “It was a different experience for them. They really got into the Christmas season. That’s what it’s all about.”