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Media missing important stories in Uganda

It seems there is enough coverage in the press about Mark Sanford, Tiger Woods, etc., and their failure to keep their pants zipped. This is basically a family problem.

On the other hand there is little if any notice in the press that there’s a country, Uganda, seriously considering enacting a law to kill a segment of its people for being gay, being HIV positive or having AIDS.

All of this is seemingly encouraged or endorsed by self righteous leaders posing as Christians.

If the Minister of Ethics from Uganda comes to America as planned to attend the National Day of Prayer breakfast, there should be an outcry all over this country.

But first the press has to make this situation and its American connection known.

Maybe if nothing else happens in the sports community or another national leader hasn’t dropped his drawers, they may have a bit of ink left to print this information.

Douglas S. Mitchell

Greenup, Ky.