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Water system upgrades start in Coal Grove

COAL GROVE — The next few weeks may seem like more of the same for the residents of Coal Grove. But when it’s over, it will mean a host of improvements for the village’s water system.

Starting on Monday, water service will be interrupted periodically as shut-off valves are installed throughout the system. Once those valves are in place, if there is a line break or other problem in one part of Coal Grove or the township, the entire system won’t have to be shut down.

“If we have a leak in the township area, we have to shut off the whole township,” Debbie Fields, Coal Grove village clerk, said. “And the same is true in the village.”

When the new valves are installed, “we will be able to isolate if there is a leak on a particular street and won’t have to turn off everybody,” Fields said.

Southern Ohio Trenching will handle installing the shut off valves and 22 new fire hydrants throughout the system. As these are installed, it will mean periodic interruption of the water service.

This comes days after water service to the entire village was disrupted when a line break drained the main water tank forcing a boil water advisory.

The hydrant and valve replacement project is expected to take a couple of months. Also in the next few weeks Moody of Dayton will start drilling a new well that will increase the village’s water supply.

There are four wells in the village. However, one is contaminated and another one has a severe build-up of iron and manganese that currently discolors the water.

Once the new well is operational, it will be used as the main supplier to Coal Grove.

“We will have a cleaner water supply,” Fields said.

Last week’s water line break caused a boil water advisory to be put in place. That is still in effect and will remain until further notice. Also during the times when water is shut off for valve installation, periodic advisories will be in effect.