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Probation violators, others plead

Alleged burglars, alleged drug traffickers and probation violators were among those entering guilty pleas last week in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Daniel K. Wagner II, 23, of 70 Township Road 1135, South Point, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary, grand theft from the elderly, theft from the elderly and tampering with evidence. Judge Charles Cooper will sentence him Dec. 30.

John D. McCoy, 21, of 229 Township Road 287 N, Chesapeake, admitted he violated his probation when he tested positive for drug use and failed to report to his probation officer.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced McCoy to four months in prison.

“I messed up,” McCoy told Bowling. “I am trying to better myself. I’ve got a full-time job. I’m in school. This is one of the things I need to get behind me. I need to grow up and move on. I’m sorry.”

Alvin D. Lewis, 38, of 95 Private Drive 2183, Chesapeake, admitted he violated his probation by testing positive for drug use, not paying his court costs, and by getting arrested on new charges in Cabell County, W.Va. Bowling sentenced him to two years in prison.

Martin Stapleton, 51, of 617 Vernon St., Ironton, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs.

Bowling sentenced him to four years in prison. With good behavior, he may be eligible for judicial release after serving nine months.