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The Point proof of successes

Fitting for its name, The Point industrial park continues to lead the way in economic development in Lawrence County.

The entire region should be proud of the efforts to develop the more than 500-acre industrial site.

Ultimately, growth there in South Point can only benefit the entire county because it puts tax dollars in the county coffers and makes the entire region more marketable for developers.

The reality is that not every industry that expresses an interest in The Point will be a perfect fit so, hopefully, those companies will then look at other locations in the county.

We applaud the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation for its efforts and willingness to invest in the park. Now, the groundwork is being laid to construct another spec building — the fourth in the park — that will be used to attract business developers.

This is a proven method that has worked in the past and will work again.

The Point has been successful because a combination of leadership, smart financing choices and private investment.

Some people are critical of the LEDC and jealous of its success in economic development.

But that is the wrong approach.

Instead we hope to see more organizations, businesses and governments partner with the LEDC on their own projects.

The City of Ironton is already doing that to build a spec building of their own in the Ironton industrial park. The Ironton Port Authority is working hard to get state funds for this project and the LEDC is assisting.

Economic development doesn’t happen overnight and their are no “magic bullets” that will cure all the county’s problems.

It will take patience, perseverance and partnerships for Lawrence County to achieve its potential.