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County has excellent choice for representative

Lawrence County residents have an outstanding choice for the 89th Ohio House District in Dr. Terry Johnson of Lucasville.

Dr. Johnson is currently the Scioto County Coroner and a practicing physician.

He is also a soldier who has served three tours in the Middle-East including two in Iraq, an assistant dean of the Ohio University College of Medicine, and the family practice residency coordinator for the Southern Ohio Medical Center, among many other accomplishments.

Dr. Johnson has already provided almost 20 years of dedicated service to the residents of southern Ohio. When elected, he will be the only physician currently serving in the General Assembly.

Why would someone of this caliber want the additional challenge of serving as a State Representative?

Terry Johnson has a deep-rooted desire to serve his community, state, and nation. He wants to help make Ohio the best state possible for the current and future generations.

When Terry saw that the state was going in the wrong direction, he decided to take action and become involved.

He is that increasingly rare politician who seeks office only to serve his constituents and promote those values that he holds dear. He is not motivated by ambition or personal gain.

Terry will be a tireless advocate for southern Ohio, a region that is overlooked at the state level far too often. He never forgot his roots and has already fought to improve the region.

He will do the same in Columbus without regard to the political affiliation or station in life of those he wants to help. He will serve our state with the same dedication with which he served our nation in combat.

Some might question why I am writing this letter. I am a military officer who has never publically endorsed any partisan political candidate. I have also been away for the past 15 years.

However, I remain deeply committed to Lawrence County and hope to return there at the conclusion of my military service. I own property, pay taxes, and have numerous friends and relatives there.

What is important for Lawrence County is important to me. If I did not believe so strongly in Terry Johnson I would never recommend him to you.

Terry Johnson is a man of honor and a genuine patriot. He is one of the most impressive candidates for state office that I have ever known. I am honored to call him my friend and to ask you to elect him as your state representative.

Scott Evans is a career military officer and Lawrence County native who led the 216th Engineer Battalion throughout a year-long combat tour in Iraq.