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None of us have all the answers in this life

This is in response to Homer Campbell’s articles from Dec. 4, “Letters” and “Faith and Family.”

It appalls me that a man of the “cloth” can be so pessimistic. Campbell seems to have all the answers to all things concerning religion and politics, the two most arguable subjects in America.

I have never read anything positive that Campbell has written, he is always complaining about something. He talks of how hard he worked all his life, and I commend him for that, but most Americans who are fortunate enough to live to be his age have done exactly the same thing.

Campbell seems to think Obama is going to take his Medicare that he has worked so long for. What about the Social Security “Dubya” tried to take when he was in office. The reason Campbell, and everyone else, is going to pay more for just about everything is because “Dubya” sent all our money to Iraq.

Obama has no capital to work with, only debt. Campbell’s one-sided asinine opinions should be in the comic section.

He believes Obama is going to give his hard earned money to the freeloaders. Well, unfortunately, there will always be a few freeloaders just as there are a few hypocrites in the church. Will they be turned away at Macedonia Baptist?

Then he wants to complain about the nativity scene not being portrayed as “he” sees it. You are the pastor of the church — change it!

Mr. Campbell, you should run for public office. It should be a shoe-in.

That way when elected, you can solve all of our problems in both politics and religion, and we can all live happily ever after.

As an Air Force veteran (1968-1972), I served to protect our freedom of speech, but when it is all derogatory, it hurts. I have always been taught that if you can’t say anything good about somebody, say nothing at all.

This is my advice to you, Mr. Campbell.

I have never been to your church, and I don’t intend to attend, but you do have my prayers. You need them.

R. Lee Burcham

Willow Wood