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Organ donation is truly giving the ‘gift of life’

The season of giving is upon us. As we enjoy shopping for the perfect gifts to give, we should consider those who are hoping for a gift they won’t find wrapped neatly as a holiday present — a second chance at life.

Right now, more than 105,000 Americans are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Sadly, not enough people say “yes” to give the “Gift of Life” through organ and tissue donation.

While 90 percent of Ohioans support donation in theory, only half register their decision to be a donor.

Myths, such as the fear that emergency room doctors will “let you go” if you’re a donor, or misconceptions like worrying that donation will change funeral plans, prevent people from registering as donors and saving lives.

I assure you, a doctor’s main concern is saving your life and they will never “let you go” because you’re a donor.

And, donation is treated just like any other surgery and will not affect plans for an open-casket funeral.

Unfortunately, because of myths like these, 18 men, women and children will die today, and every day, because a transplant didn’t come in time.

You have the power to give the ultimate gift this holiday season, the “Gift of Life.”

By registering in the Ohio Donor Registry, you have the potential to save eight lives through organ donation and enhance 50 lives through tissue donation after your death. You can register at the BMV, online at www.lifelineofohio.org or request a paper brochure at (800) 525-5667.

Give the ultimate gift this year — say “yes” to organ and tissue donation.

Kent Holloway

CEO, Lifeline of Ohio