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Museum looks forward to next year

It is said, “All good things come to an end.” This is so with the 2009 season of the Lawrence County Historical Society. It will begin again April 2010 with a partially new board. They have been voted as follows: President — Robert (Bob) Cleary; Vice President — Fondalene Alfrey: Secretary — Margaret Rehme; Treasurer — Herb Brown; Trustee — Nancy Livingston; and Trustee — Peggy Karshner. This looks like it will be a good board which will be working through the museum on Sixth and Adams streets.

Patricia (Pat) Arrington has done a good job for the year of 2009. The “teas” were a great success. The Cemetery and Christmas Church Walk have also been very well done and attended. Other important events have been well taken care of by the staff.

We have lost several members: Peggy Dunfee, Art Shaffer, LuAnn Blagg and DeeDee Staley. Every one of them will be missed and it was a pleasure working with them.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our column this past year. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Historical Fact: Jan. 2, 1884. We asked Thomas Golden if he remembered the “Old Maids” who gave our little village over the hill the name of “Old Maidville,” and he says he knew them very well. He says when a boy he used to take things over to them and he remembers distinctly their return of thanks — “A thousand times obleeged to you.” Their names were Polly and Betsy Breeden, sisters of Abner Breeden’s father and James Sherman’s mother. They have many relatives in this region.

They settled there over 60 years ago, on some kind of claim, which George Neff afterward bought, but the purchasers allowed the old ladies to continue in their hut.

Just before the war, one of them died, and the other was taken to the Infirmary, where she soon afterward died. (This is now known as Coryville.)