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— Wilson Moore to Charles Runyon, et al, Upper Township, $22,000.

— Estate of Ruby Hall to Hensen Tacker Co., city of Ironton, $33,500.

— Brent Thompson to Tim Bentley, village of Coal Grove, 15,000.

— Debbie Fisher to Charles Scott Meadows, city of Ironton, $20,000.

— Joseph and Karen Riddle to Rebecca Still, Perry Township, $75,000.

— Lake Forest Assn., to David and Rebecca Salyers, Windsor Township, $4,500.

— Lana Sue Bills to Beverly Ann Hart, village of Chesapeake, $121,500.

— Wally and Carol Haugen to Angela Gail Evans, Upper Township, $4,000.

— Peter Boggs and Helen Boggs to Craig Burd, Rome Township, $45,000.

— Jasmine Tismo to Christopher Frazer, city of Ironton, $73,000.

— Susan Gibbins to Mark and Jasmine White, city of Ironton, $153,000.

— Joshua Reynolds to Shirley A. Klein, Perry Township, $99,900.

— Mark Hypes and Sarah Hypes to Lana Sue Bills, Union Township, $104,000.

— Gary and Sharilyn Phillips to Howard and Gail Sharp, Elizabeth Township, $240,900.

— Donald Marcum to Brandon Wayne Melton, Fayette Township, $20,350.

— L&P Properties Beulah Handy, Rome Township, $106,000.

— Ollie Warf and Linda Warf to Mark and Cindy Butcher, Fayette Township, $21,500.

— Mark and Cindy Butcher to Mark Shroder, Fayette Township, $21,500.

— Preston Development LLC to Mike Ferguson and Lisa McCallister, Upper Township, $8,000.

— Nathan Speed and Kara Speed to Jill Houck, et al, Rome Township, $92,000.

— William Pannell and Kathleen Pannell to Brian Nunley, Rome Township, $149,000.

— Donald and Carolyn Livingston to Meridian Holding Co., Fayette Township, $1,020,000.

— Charles Miller to Lake Forest Assn., Windsor Township, $1,307.33.

— Phillip Carroll Cornwell to Lake Forest Assn., Windsor Township, $1,292.23.

— Paul Ray Butcher to Jarod R. Warren, village of South Point, $57,700.

— Heather Meyers to Virginia Taylor and Aaron Taylor, city of Ironton, $110,000.

— Arthur Lucas and Melissa Lucas to Cheryl Livingston and Melissa Vance, Rome Township, $218,000.

— Brian Kitts and Amy Kitts to Edgar and Nora Plybon, village of South Point, $80,000.

— M.L. Smith sole trustee to 775 North LLC, Union Township, $18,000.

— M.L. Smith sole trustee to 775 North LLC, Union Township, $8,400.

— M.L. Smith sole trustee to 775 North LLC, Union, $300.

— Matthew C. Adkins to Harless and Betty Stepp, Union Township, $20,000.

— American General Finance Co. to Tammy Moore, Rome Township, $5,000.

— Janet Lambert, et al, to Roy Lee and Beatrice Phillips, Decatur, $50,000.

— Dawn Slaughter, et al, to Kathy Kratzenberg, city of Ironton, $15,000.

— Larry Joe Pemberton and Tammy Pemberton to Ronald Max Pemberton and Sheila Pemberton, Fayette Township, $90,480.

— Sarah Stough to Candace Layne, Union Township, $58,500.

— Charles Runyon to Gary and Carla Runyon, Upper Township, $10,000.

— Ice Creek Land Co. to David and Angela Bryant, Upper Township, $40,000.

— Gina Finch, administrator, to Joel and Gloria Bailey, village of Proctorville, $35,000.

— William Myong and Jennifer Thacker to John Spencer and Ryan Woodcock, Union Township, $1,375.

— Marie S. Kearns to Benjamin Mills and Tiffany Tabor, Rome Township, $125,000.

— Corey and Stephanie Pope to Valerie Bostwick, Fayette Township, $90,000.

— Stephanie and Eric Clausen to Matthew C. Wheeler, Rome Township, $190,000.

— Anna Lee Long to Joseph and Carrie Tucker, Rome Township, $60,000.

— Carolyn McMackin and Rose McMackin to Timothy and Kimberly Weber, city of Ironton, $45,000.

— Michael Hey, et al to Kathryn Wallace, Fayette Township, $68,000.

— David Dekins to David Salyers and Misty Ward, Fayette Township, $108,500.

— Craig McKee and Lynne McKee to Daniel and Jessica Roncaglione, city of Ironton, $7,500.

— Nathan Halverson to Federal National Mortgage Assn., Union Township, $60,230.90.

— Mary Aldridge, et al, to Robert Lovejoy, village of Coal Grove, $47,734.

— William Grim and Marcella Grim to Rome Township, $59,000.

— Darrell Price to Danny and Lorelei Holshuh, Perry Township, $48,000.

— Virginia Ruth Turley to Harold and Ruby White, Rome Township, $4,000.

— Spirit Master Funding IV to Spirit Master Funding, Fayette Township, $2,960,000.

— Sanda Sisler to James and Teena Cremeans, Elizabeth Township, $5,000.

— Philip and Allison Watkins to Shawn and Sabrina Watson, Rome Township, $137,400.

— David Clay Smith to Eugene Porter and Sandra Porter, Rome Township, $50,000.

— Stella Rawlins to Keela Culberston, city of Ironton, $29,000.

— Jerry and Jo Rowe to Larry and Zona Strickland, Decatur Township, $2,100.

— James McMackin to Barbara Melvin, village of Coal Grove, $65,000.

— Mary Harris to Bobby and Julia Borders, Fayette Township, $5,700.

— Douglas and Lori Marquardt to William Hood, village of Athalia, $60,000.

— Lisa Ransbottom to Jeffrey S. Blake, village of Chesapeake, $57,000.

— Rocky and Teresa Dean to Arlena Reffett, village of Coal Grove, $95,000.

— LaSalle Bank National Assn., to Billy and Mandy Hanshaw, village of Coal Grove, $15,000.

— City National Bank to John HIxon, city of Ironton, $18,000.

— Darren and Rochelle Blake to Joyce M. Grim, Fayette Township, $89,000.

— Tammy Skaggs to Hansen Tacker Co., city of Ironton, $33,000.

— Mary Morgan, life estate tenant to Janice Cogan, remainder Joseph Fletcher Jr., city of Ironton, $52,500.

— Estate or Ralph Lee Salyers Jr. to Paula Dalton, Elizabeth Township, $32,000.