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Community must work for positive attitude

When we face a problem we have two choices: Focus on the problem or fix our eyes and mind on finding a solution.

If we opt for the first, the problem seems to grow bigger, we become aggravated and look for someone or somewhere to place the blame. Then we sit down and e-mail our negative feelings and comments to The Tribune.

It doesn’t matter if what we type is going to hurt other families because we don’t have to identify ourselves. No one will ever know who made these damaging and hurtful words toward that individual.

If these e-mailers focused on trying to find a solution and working with those they defame, look how much better this would be for all concerned and their own peace of mind.

Please, e-mailers the next time you allow your anger to override your problem, stop and think.

During the recent water break in Coal Grove, a few residents choose the first step and down graded the village employees and mayor.

Did any of the e-mailers stop to realize a water leak doesn’t always show water on surface, but follows a pipe washing out a ditch underground. This makes it almost impossible to find a leak. The village mayor and employees searched the pipeline from daylight to dark for days trying to find a large leak. They not only had to deal with leaving their families without water, they also had to sacrifice family time and rest time.

I am thankful and proud we have men and women working for us who are willing to do whatever is needed to supply water to make our homes more comfortable.

Thank you Mayor McDaniel and all village employees for your continued good service.

Juanita Markel

Coal Grove