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Government shouldn’t tell us what we must buy

The government has made a law that if you don’t buy vegetables you will go to jail.

No, wait a minute. Maybe it is, if you don’t buy shoes you will go to jail.

Silly me, it is health insurance or jail.

Vegetables, shoes and health care is something we could all use but should we be forced to purchase it or go to jail?

We would be bringing human rights sanctions against Korea, Russia or China for sending people to jail for not purchasing something the government wanted them to have.

I’m no lawyer but I’m sure this is currently unconstitutional in America. The lawmakers now totally ignore the will of the people they were sent to represent.

We, the people, ignore the financial unfairness of purchasing votes — like in Nebraska and Louisiana — and AARP supports the bill against the will of its members.

I’ve heard they get millions in federal funds coming their way as well.

Remember, in November 2010 you can vote them out and AARP members should consider switching membership to AMAC, (Association of Mature American Citizens) who stood in opposition of this bill which throws a large burden of paying for American health care on the backs of the young and the elderly.

I have also heard the health care bill does not bode well for home health care. I guess it is because we don’t waste enough tax dollars. Shame on us!

I’m considering holding special courses to learn how to properly say comrade, bow to our leaders and bust down the doors of those who oppose our government in any way.

At the rate we are losing our freedoms, I’m sure these skills will come in handy in the very near future. Sign up soon, classes are limited and if you don’t take them you go to jail! (Not really, but maybe soon)

Joe Freeman

Crown City