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Ironton Physical Therapy opens room for child patients

Child physical therapy patients in the Tri-State now have a place all their own to be treated.

Ironton Physical Therapy has opened a pediatric room at its Third Street facility.

In the past, the children had been treated in the same room as other patients. The new room provides more privacy and helps the youngsters, in particular those with learning disabilities, to focus without being distracted by what is going on around them.

Ironton Physical Therapy provides treatment to improve gross motor skills in children.

The room will have a window where parents can look in on therapy if they do not want to be in the room with the child.

“It’s just another option if parents don’t want to be inside,” said Ashley Castle, P.T., D.P.T. “Of course parents are always invited inside the room for therapy.”

Castle and Andrea Rudmann, P.T.A., worked over the last month to hand paint the room with trees, the sky and jungle animals. The two used a projector and transparencies to draw the images from a coloring book.

“It turned out way better than what I think everyone thought it would,” Rudmann said.

Castle said the effort they put into the room is reflective of their desire for children to have their own room in the facility.

The children, too, have been excited about the new room.

“They’re like, when do we get to go in the room?” Rudmann said.

The room is the only one like it in the company. How well the room at the Ironton location does will determine if other locations follow.

Pediatric rooms in outpatient are uncommon, though area hospitals probably have them, Castle said.

“Kids from the entire area are welcome to come here.” she said.

For more information, contact Ironton Physical Therapy at 534-1156.