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Markins’ son appointed to council

The son of a Coal Grove councilman-elect will take his place.

The council unanimously approved the appointment of Robert Markins to the position of councilman. Markins’ father, Glen Markins, was elected to the position in November, but died last week before he took office of complications relating to a recent heart surgery.

Markins was sworn in during the meeting.

He will serve the unexpired term of his father until the next election for the council which will be in 2011.

He had originally planned to run for election, but decided against it when he learned that his father was running.

“He taught me a lot about truth and you can’t go wrong with that,” a tearful Markins said about his father. He added that he is more than honored to accept his appointment to council.

Besides Markins, three members of the council were also sworn in during the meeting. Juelda Collins, Bob Self and Aaron Stewart were elected in November and took office at the meeting.

The council also approved the appointment of Eric Spurlock to the position of police chief. Spurlock had been acting chief since former chief Jason Bloomfield stepped down to take a position at the Federal Correctional Institution in Ashland, Ky.

The village will be accepting applications for one full-time police officer as well.

In other business, the council also approved a contract for legal council for the next two years.

The council also passed an ordinance allowing the police and fire chief to apply for any grant they deem appropriate.


Because of misinformation from the Lawrence County Board of Elections, an article in the Jan. 6, 2010 edition of The Tribune incorrectly stated that newly appointed Coal Grove councilman Robert Markins may serve only until the next council election.

Actually, the appointment is for the complete four-year term. Deputy Director Eric Bradshaw explained that in village governments, only the mayor has to run for unexpired terms.

Markins was appointed to the position after his father, Glen Markins, was elected but died last week before he took office.