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Drug traffickers, probation violators sentenced

Two more people arrested in a fall drug roundup pleaded guilty Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Crystal Waulk, 28, of 1358 County Road 15, South Point, pleaded guilty to five counts of complicity to aggravated trafficking in drugs and one count of complicity to trafficking in drugs.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced her to a total of four years in prison and fined her $20,000.

“Obviously all of the charges are extremely serious,” Lawrence County Prosecutor J.B. Collier Jr., said. “Mrs. Waulk, together with several codefendants were involved in the trafficking of drugs. She has been cooperative and because of her help we were able to apprehend the defendant Robert Esque.”

Waulk told Bowling, “I’m sorry for the decisions I made. They’ve affected my children and family.”

Kenneth Waulk, 32, of 2552 County Road 55, Ironton, pleaded guilty to trafficking in drugs and aggravated trafficking in drugs. Bowling sentenced him to four years in prison and fined him $15,000.

Also Wednesday, Daniel Jenkins 43, of 603 N. Fifth St., Ironton, was arraigned on five counts of aggravated arson. Judge Charles Cooper set a $100,000 cash bond and ordered Jenkins to return to court next week for a pretrial conference.

Tony L. Wilson II 19,of 2549 County Road 5, Kitts Hill, was arraigned on charges of complicity to aggravated robbery and complicity to aggravated burglary.

Cooper allowed a bond set in a lower court to continue and ordered him to return to court for a pretrial conference.

Colleen Cooper, bypassed most of the criminal process by pleading guilty at her arraignment.

Cooper pleaded guilty to one count of possession of drugs and one count of misdemeanor theft that had been amended from the original charge of felony theft.

“This occurred in November. She and a codefendant stole $775 worth of merchandise from Walmart,” Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Brigham Anderson said.

Chris Delawder, Cooper’s attorney, called the crime “an incident of poor judgment. It was around the holiday and she was concerned she couldn’t get her grandkids toys.”

Bowling sentenced Cooper to 180 days in jail but suspended the jail sentence, added 120 hours of community service, fined her $700 and ordered her to serve 3 years probation.

Cooper’s accomplice, Carol McPherson, also pleaded guilty at her arraignment to one count of misdemeanor theft that had been amended from a felony charge of theft.

She was also sentenced to 180 days in jail, suspended, 3 years probation and 120 hours of community service. She must also pay a $700 fine.

Amanda Thomas, 27, of 603 N. Fifth St., Ironton, admitted she violated her probation by failing to complete a rehabilitation program at New Beginnings in Piketon.

Her attorney, Warren Morford, told Bowling Thomas was willing to abide by the terms of the facility but had a personality conflict with some people there.

“She does want help,” Morford said.

Bowling ordered her to complete a program at the STAR Community Justice Center.

Harry Rood 35, of 433 Township Road 1055, Proctorville was arraigned on one count of identity theft. He pleaded not guilty through his attorney, Mike Gleichauf.

Bowling allowed bond set in a lower court to continue and added a $25,000 own recognizance (OR) bond to it.

Harry Rood must return to court Jan. 27 for a pretrial conference.

Jennifer Rood 32, also of 433 Township Road 1055, Proctorville, was arraigned on one count of complicity to identity fraud.

Bowling allowed bond set in municipal court to continue and scheduled a Jan. 27 pretrial conference.

Robert Richardson III, 41, of 314 Marion Pike, Coal Grove, was arraigned on one count of grand theft from the elderly.

Cooper set a $50,000 own recognizance bond and ordered Richardson to return to court Feb. 3 for a pretrial conference.