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—Joe Franklin Montroso to Gary Thompson, Union Township/village of Chesapeake, $1,000.

—David Earl Bradley, et al, to Glenna Pemberton, Ironton, $69,000.

—Charles S. and Betty Gwinn to Brad and Jennifer DeHart, village of South Point, $118,000.

—Deutsche Bank National Trust to Michael and Anne Emnett, Union Township, $24,250.

—Julia Shope to Randy and Deborah Madden, city of Ironton, $5,120.

—Michael Radcliff and Jennifer Radcliff to John Huffman III, Union Township, $78,000.

—Joyce Adkins to Allan and Rebecca Moir, Union Township, $9,500.

—Steven Ray Lambert to Lambert Properties, Upper Township, $1,000.

—Lambert Properties to Upper Township Board of Trustees, Upper Township, $1,000.

—Lambert Properties to Upper Township Board of Trustees, $424,000.

—Anthony and Amy McQuaid to Clint Artrip, Rome Township, $410,000.

—Patricia Brown McMaster to Leah D. Hankins, et al, city of Ironton, $153,000.

—William Porter and Virginia Porter to Joann Spangler, village of Proctorville, $29,750.

—Norman Galloway and Judy Galloway to Kevin and Jessica Brown, Rome Township, $250,000.

—Wally and Carol Haugen to Terry R. Garten, Rome Township, $4,000.

—Brett and Krista Phillips to Natalie Hofstetter and Devin McGoon, Rome Township, $163,000.

—Christopher and Tracy Smith to David and Sara Chapman, village of South Point, $135,000.

—Kayla and Dennis Hannah to Serge and Kristi Ruiz, Rome Township, $225,000.

—Dana Hurst and Ingrid Hurst to Frederick Arn and Karen Arn. Rome Township, $274,900.

—MJ Wilbur Properties to Debbie and Ronald Farmer, Union Township, $97,500.

—Rose Kipping to Catherine Hannan, Fayette Township, $125,000.

—Roger and Donna Snyder to Clifford and Karen Riley, Rome Township, $139,000.

—Shirley Ann Roberts to Charles Terkhorn and Rex Besco, city of Ironton, $59,000.

—Cecil Stith, deceased and Alice Stith, executrix, to Charles Maynard, Elizabeth Township, $8,000.

—Robert Ball and Marissa Ball to Saka Rotemi Disu, et al, Rome Township, $310,000.

—Ruby Boll, executrix of the estate of Garnet McKee to Wayne Bryant, Elizabeth Township, $30,000.

—Green Tree Servicing, Inc., to Richard Patrick, Elizabeth Township, $9,000.

—Paul D. Butler to Kevin and Kristy Stevens, Upper Township, $500.

—Wesbanco to Kirby Joseph Allen, village of Hanging Rock, $25,000.

—Alex Gillespie to Larry and Alissa Wilson, city of Ironton, $135,000.

—John Patton and Amy Renee Patton to Darrell Patton, Upper Township, $22,000.

—Larry E. and Zona Strickland to Denver Earl and Paula Marie McFann, Decatur Township, $2,200.

—Noah Dean Hopper to Robert and Krista Blankenship and David and Vickie Rotter, Hamilton Township, $8,500.

—William LeGrand to Wanda Lee Miller and Charles Adkins, Symmes Township, $35,000.

—Rhonda Myers Fox to Nicholas and Samantha Bryant, Lawrence Township, $64,000.

—Thundering Buckeye LLC to Thomas and Sandra Belville, Union Township, $150,000.

—Tana Adkins Lister to Stephens Lister, Perry Township, $37,750.

—Kathleen and Robert Spellman to RDMT Properties, Fayette Township, $35,000.

—Richard and Jennifer Dayton to Bin Wang and Song Han, Rome Township, $257,500.

—Walter Street and Margaret Sullivan to Joseph Perry, Rome Township, $152,000.

—Floyd Andrew Deer to George Anderson Deer, city of Ironton, $12,500.

—Paul E. Destocki II to Chris Destocki, city of Ironton, $3,000.

—John and Kathleen Haskins to Rickey Wellman, city of Ironton, $20,000.

—Rick and Betsy McFann to Bradley and Tara McFann, Decatur Township, $85,000.

—Bank of New York to Glenn Holmes, city of Ironton, $11,125.

—Frank Depriest and Charlotte Depriest to The Brothers Kuehne, LLC, city of Ironton, $35,000.

—CMH Homes to River Cities Management Group, $25,000.

—Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn. to James Hayes, Washington Township, $10,200.

—M&J Properties to Michael and Angela Huber, city of Ironton, $20,000.

—Michael Roberts to Wachovia Mortgage Assn., city of Ironton, $79,210.

—Michael Pauley and Patricia Pauley to David and Kiplin Heighton, Perry Township, $2,900.

—Keith Frazer to David and Leota Campbell, city of Ironton, $16,900.

—Jason Bouquet to Thomas Aaron Sims, Fayette Township, $14,000.

—Robert Clyse, et al, to Edward and Linda Holmes, city of Ironton, $172,000.

—Karl Meek and Lois Meek to Jon and Tiffany Barker, Union Township, $55,000.

—George and Sherry Rowe to Raymond and Ashley Washington, Fayette Township, $201,667.

—Michael Shane Radcliff and Jennifer Radcliff to John and Eleanor Fortner, Union Township, $84,000.

—Glen Michael Ward to Brian and Krystal Fitch, village of Chesapeake, $59,500.

—Charles Clifford Bowling, trustee of Charles Clifford and Carol Bowling Children’s Trust to Joshua Scott Wilson, Aid Township, $1,000.

—Gallie and Rosa Watts to Jerry and Teena Adkins, village of Proctorville, $55,000.

—William and Mary Ann McIntyre to Phillips and Alison Watkins, $27,500.

—Charles and Jennifer Howard to Elizabeth Clark, city of Ironton, $98,000.

—Dorothy Bieterman to Ronald Musser and Shirley Crum, Rome Township, $138,000.

—Diana Davis and Carla Creager to Steven and Sharon Cockrell, Perry Township, $58,000.

—Jay McComas to Ella McCown, village of South Point, $100,000.

—William and Michelle Fox to Betty Malone, city of Ironton, $82,500.

—Lloyd Jr., and Kathy Evans to James Lewis, city of Ironton, $130,000.

—Valerie Jackson and Carol Freeman to Melvin and Carolyn Freeman, Fayette Township, $42,500.