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Proctorville hall wants to keep playing landlord

PROCTORVILLE — The village of Proctorville is looking for a renter. Or two or three, if need be.

That’s why there is a big sign in front of the village hall advertising office space for rent.

Since 1990 the village has leased out a two-story building adjacent to the village hall that once housed the Sunday school classes in the days when the hall was a Methodist church.

Past tenants have ranged from Ohio University Southern, which used the space for classrooms before the Proctorville Center was built, to a home health agency, the current renter that will move out in February.

“It makes money for the village to do other things,” Proctorville Mayor Charles Stapleton said. “We try to keep it filled. We would love to lease it out as one thing, but we are flexible. It has helped us with a lot of things.”

The building has just under 3,000 square feet of space on each floor and can be leased out in its entirety or room by room.

The rent and lease terms are negotiated by council, which has the final word on who gets to use the space.

At its organizational meeting on Thursday the council will consider an offer by an alcohol rehabilitation group that wants to lease only the downstairs.

“The council has to decide if they want to rent it,” Stapleton said. “We try to work with the public who wants to rent it. We are flexible.”

Anyone interested can apply for the space at the village hall.