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Property Transfers – 1/18/10

— Kathy Douglas and Matthew Douglas to James and Beth Douglas, Perry Township, $11,500.

— William G. and Karen Moore to David and Tammy Burnette, Union Township and village of Chesapeake, $27,000.

— Family First Marketing LLC to Michael and Deanna Fritsch, Fayette Township, $55,882.96.

— Donald Fitzpatrick Sr., to Michael Douglas, Perry Township, $8000,

— Kendra Brown to Patrick and Tammy Walker, city of Ironton, $60,000.

— John and Paula Harber to Michael and Christina Pinkerman, village of Proctorville, $42,300.

— Herbert Hern to Aurora Loan Services, village of South Point, $50,000.

— Kristine Ann Nixon Collins to Rex Wesley Nixon, village of South Point, 20,000.

— James and Debbie Hayes to Kevin Durkin and Scottie Adkins, Union Township, $15,000.

— John Elkins and Nancy Elkins to Howard Sharp and Gail Sharp, Eizabeth Township, $15,000.

— Matthew Wheeler and Heidi Boggs to Robert Pulley, Rome Township, $112,500.

— Alfred and Janet Sue Spears to Jordan Lucas and Yehong Shao, village of South Point, 32,000.

— U.S. Bank National Association to Joseph Leffingwell II, Perry Township, $32,800.

— Charles Scott Meadows to Rockford Meadows Jr., city of Ironton, $82,000.

— John and Katherine Blankenship to Phyllis and Wayne Wise, Upper Township, $10,000.

— Scott Hardy to Household Realty Corp., city of Ironton, $40,734.

— David and Leota Campbell to Walter Kleinman, et al, city of Ironton, $18,000.

— Jon and Shirley Berger to Carol Bender, Perry Township, $40,000.

— Christy Hager to Federal National Mortgage Assn., Perry Township, $23,267.

— James Kiser to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Perry Township, $43,734.

— Matt Smith to Rose Acceptance, Union Township, $3,000.

— Felix Ruttin to Amcore Bank, Fayette Township, $66,200.

— Geneva Sierer to Karnell Ondrus, city of Ironton, $68,300.

— Glenn L. Brown to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Fayette Township, $53,334.

— Shaun M. Cade to National City Bank, city of Ironton, $16,267.

— Christopher and Amanda Fizer to Larry and Rose Estep, Union Township, $7,000.

— Ralph and Marjorie Malone to Michael and Robin Daniels, Perry Township, $20,000.

— Danny Holschuh, et al, to Brace Shortridge, Rome Township, $149,000.

— Norma Ison to James and Karen Jenkins, Perry Township, $150.

— Michael Shane Radcliff and Jennifer Radcliff to Laura Elliott, Union Township, $73,500.

— DBJ Services to Church of the King, City of Ironton, $18,000.

— John Ryan and Linda Ryan to Charles Maynard, Fayette Township, $3,000.

— HSBC Mortgage Services to DBJ Services, Aid Township, $4,500.

— Valerie Black Riddle and John Riddle to Terry and Linda Griffin, Union Township/ village of Chesapeake, $10,000.

— Craig Woodrum to GMAC Mortgage, village of South Point, $50,267.

— Trustee of the Apostolic Church of God to Larry Bishop, Hamilton Township, $16,000.

— Aaron and Melanie Blevins to Wiesia Mills, Rome Township, $310,500.

— George Harper and Tomi Harper to Jeffrey Morgan and Kristin Morgan, Lawrence Township, $50,500.

— Karen Lahr, trustee of the Lahr Family Trust to BR Management, Hamilton Township, $40,000.

— Roger and Kathryn Riley to Samuel Vollmar, Fayette Township, $99,500.

Ida Finley, et al, to Jared and Jessica Fox, Rome Township, $190,000.

— Michael Love and Sally Love to Mark and Darlene Rutledge, Fayette Township, $205,000.

— Thomas Kearns to Thomas Black, city of Ironton, $150,000.

— Curtis Stephen and Zilpha Stephen to Randy Mark Ray and Angela Ray, village of South Point, $60,000.

— Travis White to Tammie Chaney, Perry Township, $20,000.

— Mary Jane Moon and William Moon to Justin and Jennifer Elkins, Union Township, $46,250.

— Teresa and Earl Dowling to Robert and Barbara White, village of South Point, $132,500.

— Peggy Mannon, et al, to Mitchell Mannon, Mason Township, $75,000.

North Coast Energy Inc., to Exco North Coast Energy, Aid Township, $20,000.

— Leslie and Tara Boggs to Frederick and Joetta Waller, village of Coal Grove, $12,000.

— Nona Wallace and Jamie Wallace to Justin and Terry Williams, Fayette Township, $8,000.

— Bobby Jordan to Darryl and Rashea Taylor, Fayette Township, $6,000.

— Billy Joe Phillips and Eloise Phillips to Everett Kirk and Bennie Fitch, Decatur Township, $7,000.

— Chester and Helen Stallard to Zachary and Leanna Clark, city of Ironton, $68,000.

— Gary Taylor, et al, to Rodney Tolliver and Marty Tolliver, Perry Township, $1,000.

— Donnell Brown to Stephen Streets and Linda Streets, village of South Point, $135,000.

— Donna McKee to Larry and Linda McKee, village of South Point, $28,000.

— Jennifer Wilgus Martin to John II and Carolyn Coleman, Fayette Township, $242,000.