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New gift shop to fill special niche in Proctorville

PROCTORVILLE — It’s a business that grew out of a vacation pasttime. That’s how Bowenkles, a new gift shop on the main street of the village of Proctorville, came about.

“This is something I have always wanted to do,” Tina Bowen, owner, said. “Where my husband and I have done some traveling, it was so much fun to go into little shops at different places and look around and buy things that are not the same old-same old.”

Bowen, a respiratory therapist and nurse, is focusing on this new venture with an assist from her husband, Herman Bowen, an area contractor.

“We wanted to spend more time trying to work for ourselves,” Tina Bowen, of Scottown, said.

The shop on State Street, right inside the village limits that used to be a doctor’s office, opened the end of November and features a variety of gift and home décor items. There are handmade candles, the majority of which Bowen makes herself.

“A pretty good friend of mine taught me. It is lots of fun,” she said. “I do jar candles in different sizes and one size of cake candle.”

There is also scented potpourri, Longaberger throws, purses, pottery, necklaces and bracelets in copper and silver and the famous baskets.

The shop also features Bella Taylor quilted purses and Victorian Hearts quilted throws.

Bowen’s husband hopes soon to add his touch to the inventory with his handmade furniture.

The shop also offers country curtains and braided rugs out of Jute that are earthy friendly.

“You take them out and spray them off,” she said.

Operating Bowenkles, a play off the owner’s name, has been a unique experience for the health care professional.

“You have to be very self-disciplined,” said Bowen, who is also studying for her bachelor’s degree in nursing. “This is all new. We really enjoyed going into certain shops where they have pretty interiors and would incorporate candles into their interior and Christ in their interior.”

Right now, there are some religious items such as picture frames with small copper crosses and wooden blocks that say “Pray,” “Peace” and “Grace.” Bowen hopes to add to that inventory.

In the month since the shop has been opened, Bowen has found a good response from the community.

“It has been so varied, men, women, young people,” she said.

However, playing entrepreneur will not replace working in the health care field, Bowen said.

“I really enjoy nursing,” she said. “I really enjoy giving people happiness.”

Bowenkles is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There will be expanded hours in spring and summer. There is on-site parking.