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Country and western dancing is healthy, fun

I’m sure that many Tribune readers are aware that the Huntington area has been named among the least healthy in the country at least twice (by the CDC and the AHA). As a result, many are also aware of some of the fitness and wellness activities that are available locally.

My purpose in writing this is to draw attention to one of these choices. This choice offers the same benefits as those usually mentioned by fans of other activities: You can get exercise without feeling like you’ve been working out; a wide range of people can enjoy it; it’s fun; and you get social interaction.

And, given how well-liked country music is in this area, it’s amazing to me that this activity is not even more popular than it actually is. By now, many of you reading this know that what I’m talking about is country and western dancing.

I have been involved with c/w dancing for about 17 years; and I currently help teach a c/w dance class at the Whiskey River Saloon in South Point. The class is newcomer through intermediate and is mostly solo dancing (commonly called line dancing) but if demand is sufficient we can teach couples dances also. Class is on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., and it’s free!

I invite all interested to come try it out. For more information, contact me by email at danceclass0607@gmail.com or call the club at 740 377 9077. And did I mention that the classes are free?

Stephen R Ginsburg