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Mayhap, a day at the fair?

CHESAPEAKE — Good sir and lady. Prithee, hark for a moment as we speakest of an event both comely and beauteous fair. In faith, it will maketh thine eyes shine like diamonds.

In other words, it ought be real cool.

It’s the upcoming Renaissance Festival at Chesapeake Middle School where the talented and gifted students will offer a look at what life was like when lords clanged around in steel overcoats and maids wore their corsets on the outside.

The two-day festival will feature 10 sessions daily on a variety of topics ranging from food and manner (they liked chicken and rice) to heraldry to insults and games.

So you better pay attention you knotty-pated, lily-livered fool.

“This is teaching about history where the actual rebirth of learning took place,” Terry Montgomery, Chesapeake TAG teacher, said. “That is the precursor to our modern-day learning. It is kind of a building block to our learning.”

The opening event will be the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet where students act out the actual Shakespearean blank verse followed with a modern, more hip translation against a backdrop of an 8-foot tall castle, made by the class.

“We had the kids research what the inside of a castle would look like, what the rooms would be and they drew scenes in the interior and painted them. The whole inside of the castle was hand-drawn by the students,” Montgomery said.

Then the students will start the information session, all lasting 15 minutes, before each’s day’s finale of an actual joust, minus Mr. Ed and the bloodshed.

Getting ready for the festival began back in the fall and gave the students a chance to expand on a number of life skills.

“They have taken all this information and put it together into a finished product,” Montgomery said. “They are getting building skills, like knowing how to measure. That was a huge thing we had to work with. They are working on getting a finished product together, even the dances. If you have to teach it, you have to know it.”

The festival starts at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at the gym and at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. All events are free and open to the public.

So come ye all to the Chesapeake Middle School where verily the day’s activities will eclipse the sun with delight.

Tuesday, January 26 Schedule

10:30 to 10:45 Opening in Gym Balcony Scene from Romeo and Juliet

10:50-11:05 room 120 Heraldry

11:05-11:20 room 122 Shakespeare

12:10-12:25 room 124 Renaissance food

12:25-12:40 room 126 Knights

12:40-12:55 room 127 Torture and Religion

12:55-1:10 room 123 Perfumes and art

1:10-1:25 room 119 Renaissance Games

1:25-1:40 library Renaissance Music and Dance

1:40-1:55 gym Queen Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots

1:55-2:10 music room Weaponry

2:15 Joust in Gym

Wednesday, January 27 Schedule

8:30 to 8:50 Opening in Gym

8:55- 9:10 room 220 Heraldry

9:10-9:25 room 222 Shakespeare

9:25-9:40 room 224 Renaissance food

9:40-9:55 room 226 Knights

9:55-10:10 room 227 Torture and Religion

10:10-10:25 room 225 Perfumes and art

10:25-10:40 room 221 Renaissance Games

10:40-10:55 library Renaissance Music and Dance

10:55-11:10 gym Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots

11:10-11:25 music room Large Weapons

11:25 Joust in gym