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County should live within a budget like citizens

I read with interest the articles about our finances here in Lawrence County.

I, for one, am on a fixed income! If I overspend my Social Security check and retirement fund, I can’t write or phone them telling them I can’t make it on what I am getting.

They don’t care.

They will just tell you that you will just have to manage better and I think that is what the county should do.

If I go one mile each way up and down the road in front of my house, I can only count about 10 families that are working. The rest are retired or on some kind of disability, or as we call it a fixed income!

The newspaper leadership seems to be in love with the sheriff’s department.

Here is a suggestion for them:

All road deputies that take their cruisers home should be charged for one full tank of gas each week. For instance, if the cruiser holds 30 gallons of gas, the deputy should have 30 times the current cost of a gallon of gas deducted from his or her check.

Either that or drive your own car to work.

I have personally seen deputies in cruisers pay utility bills, buying groceries, getting a haircut, and going to the bank for personal reasons.

All this on my dime.

This is just one branch of Lawrence County government. Just think what we could save if all branches tightened their belts a little.

Eldon E. Waugh

Kitts Hill