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Vesuvius trail fees are unfair for horse riders

I live in Ashland, Ky., and I love to ride horses and I trail ride with friends who live in Ohio. I was told that this year we will be required to pay for a trail pass at Lake Vesuvius park.

This fee keeps rising. And I would understand the fee, if the money was put back into the horse trails and camping areas.

Then again, those who come and camp with out horses are not required to pay a fee, those who walk the trails are not required to pay a fee. And those of us who come to the park to ride for the day, we are required to be able to produce a trail pass when asked by rangers or expect to be fined.

There are other trails in Kentucky and in Ohio, not as close, but they are free.

I would like someone to look into this fee, and comment.

Kathy Hermansdorfer

Ashland, Ky.