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Stephens files petition in auditor’s race

And now there are two.

Lawrence County Commission President Jason Stephens Friday filed his petition to seek the Republican nomination for county auditor.

He will likely face Democrat Stephen Dale Burcham, who is Lawrence County’s treasurer, in November as both men are currently unopposed within their respective political parties.

Stephens, who is in his third term as commissioner, said while he has enjoyed that post, he believes he can also serve the county well as auditor and pointed out his background in both government and finance are an ideal for a job that is perhaps less glamorous than commissioner but still vital to the operation of the county.

“The county auditor is extremely important not only to offices in the courthouse but to other local governments and I believe I could serve the county well,” Stephens said.

He is a businessman (Stephens and Son Insurance, Silver Star Fuels) and is also a certified financial planner.

Stephens said as auditor, he would like to focus attention on the real estate market. One of the responsibilities of the auditor’s office is maintaining property transfers and supervision of real estate valuation.