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All-Star games can’t cause much enthusiasm in fans

A group of us organized our annual Pro Bowl party. That’s the party in which we decide a place where we won’t show up so that we won’t watch the game.

The Pro Bowl is probably the least watched pro all-star game. While players clamor to play in the all-star events, NFL players try to figure a way to get their bonus and not have to show up for the game and risk an injury.

This year 14 players chosen didn’t play because they’re in the Super Bowl. Another 19 begged off. The importance of the game is such a pittance that the winning coach is doused with a glass of cocoa instead of a cooler of Gatorade.

All-Star games appear to matter because they draw a lot of attention and they generate a lot of money. Anything that makes that much money must be significant, right?

If that’s the case, then there should be a gamblers’ All-Star betting event since it sports betting generates billions of dollars every year.

The most important all-star game has to belong to Major League Baseball. The league that wins earns the right to have home field advantage in the World Series.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig is a genius. Take a game that means nothing, whose players are chosen by a fans’ popular vote and not necessarily on their talents, and managers who are just trying to get 30 players into the game, and then use it to help decided the World Champion.

And I thought those 162 games the players grind through that actually count should help determine the champion. Silly me.

All-Star games are just what they are: a glorified exhibition. They’re nothing to get upset about unless you’re a player and it means more money in your pocket if you are selected.

Maybe it would be better if they didn’t play the Pro Bowl. Instead, select the teams, take their statistics and use a computer like ESPN did to determine the best team among all the Super Bowl winners.

And the losing computer would get a Gatorade bath so it would cause the computer to short out.

Now that’s an all-star party I might attend.

—— Sinatra ——

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.