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Johnson a good leader because not a politician

Most politicians have a list of promises during their campaigns that are soon forgotten once in office.

Nowhere is this more true than in southern Ohio; most will agree we are often neglected in state politics.

This is why believe Dr. Terry Johnson will be a different state representative. He has the values that most of us in southern Ohio share: love for God, country, and family. His personal history demonstrates a life of service. He worked his way through college, became a physician, and is a 19-year veteran of the National Guard.

When deciding where to practice medicine, Dr. Johnson chose to come back home, to southern Ohio, where he felt he was needed, not where he felt he’d make the most money. Instead of being content in his life as a family physician, he volunteered for service in Iraq out of a sense of duty to his country.

Terry Johnson is a man of character, integrity, and he possesses a strong sense of patriotism.

He cares about southern Ohio and sincerely wants to help our area become the vital, economically sound region it once was.

Dr. Terry Johnson is a man who has already demonstrated his willingness to serve his country and his community.

So, when he says he wants to work for the 89th district, with both Democrats and Republicans, on the most important agenda for our area — real private sector job growth — I believe him.

Trena Haynes,