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Rescued Hanging Rock dogs find homes

Most of the dogs rescued from a Lawrence County residence have found homes at out-of-state rescue facilities.

More than 20 of the canines were rescued in January from the yard of Tim and Laurie Floyd, who were charged with animal cruelty for hoarding them.

Besides the 20-plus animals removed in January, officials had also removed 40 other dogs from the same place.

Kim Bentley, of Tomorrow’s Hope Canine Rescue and Adoption Services, said most of the dogs have found homes at rescue facilities in other states.

Six of the dogs are still currently being boarded at a kennel. Four of those six will go to a rescue facility in Pennsylvania where they will either go on to be adopted or spend the rest of their lives at the no-kill facility.

Two dogs are still awaiting homes.

A lack of spaying and neutering resources has made finding Lawrence County homes for pets nearly impossible, Bentley said.

That is why many of the dogs that Tomorrow’s Hope rescues are placed in facilities or homes in other states.

“The reason for that is that we don’t have the number of homes available here,” Bentley said. “Spaying and neutering is so important because there’s not enough homes for the dogs.”

While Bentley is not sure whether the remaining two dogs will go to homes at a residence or at a rescue facility, she is sure of one thing.

“None of these dogs that are leaving are candidates for euthanasia,” Bentley said.