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South Point mayor passes away

SOUTH POINT — Long-time South Point Mayor William Gaskin passed away Friday night after an extended illness.

Gaskin served as the mayor since 1979, defeating all political challengers over the years in eight elections.

“I had no idea it would last this long. I thought I would just fill out a term or two,” Gaskin said in a 2004 interview. “It just kind of gets into you, I kept doing what we were doing. Evidently, people are satisfied because they keep putting us in.”

The U.S. 52 bridge overpass at Solida Road was renamed in his honor in November.

Critical in the commercial development of South Point in his 30 years as mayor, Gaskin has been credited with improving the municipal park, creating a boat ramp park, resurfacing the village streets, expanding water and sewer services, and instrumental in developing the U.S. 52 overpass that now bears his name.

Gaskin served on the Ohio Public Works Committee, Ohio Mayor’s Association, Ohio Municipal League, Lawrence Economic Development Corporation, and the Huntington/Ironton Empowerment Zone Committee to establish the Point Industrial Park.

“We have just gotten so much accomplished. I like to help people,” Gaskin said in 2004. “I just do what I can to help the community. It is very satisfying personally.”