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Peer pressure may help keep yard looking good

Dear Lawyer Mark: I’ve got a problem with some neighborhood kids, and I need some advice.

I’m an older gentleman, and it’s hard for me to get around anymore.

One of the things I still try to do, however, is keep my yard neat. It’s getting harder and harder to do that with my age, and now some kids are making it even more difficult. They’re always running around in my yard and tearing up what little garden I have.

I’ve tried talking to them, but it doesn’t seem to help. Lawyer Mark, I don’t want to get them into trouble because they’re pretty good kids, but what can I do? Thank you for answering in the paper. I read your column every week. — IRKED IN IRONTON

Dear Irked: I’m assuming you’ve already contacted the parents of the children and spoken to them about your problem.

Legal actions that you could take include filing a police report for trespassing. If you want to pursue an action against them, they could find themselves in front of Judge Payne in juvenile court.

    If you “don’t want them to get into trouble,” you may want to try an alternative approach: hire one of them to help you with the yardwork..

If one of them is made responsible for the appearance of your yard, he would most likely discourage his friends from tearing it up. Most news reports always talk about the negative effects of peer pressure, but it can be used towards positive goals as well.

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