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So how did you enjoy the Super Bowl?

So how was the Super Bowl? Did the Super Bowl results please you or disappoint you? Did the outcome matter little because your Super Bowl party was awesome?

Or did you watch the first half and then crawl into bed and take a nap?

Chalk up the latter for me.

First of all, I wasn’t rooting for the Saints. Then again, I wasn’t rooting for the Colts. As usual, I was rooting for something that will probably never happen in my lifetime. As always, I want the Browns to win the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, the Browns haven’t won an NFL championship since I was about 10. My son has never seen them go any further than the first or second round of the playoffs. So the Super Bowl has little interest to me, and probably little to a lot of other Browns and Bengals fans.

But the game does have some good points, such as the commercials.

I did enjoy the promo for late night TV that had David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno sitting on the couch. Letterman said it was the worst Super Bowl party ever, and Leno snapped that Letterman only said that because he was there. Oprah just tried to mediate their soon-to-resume late night wars.

The commercials this year seemed to be a little better than last year. However, there was that “ONE” commercial. You know, the one with Tim Tebow and his mother talking in a round about way in favor of pro-life.

It’s amusing how the commercials can promote beer, sex and other things, but mention anything about choosing between letting babies be born instead of killing them and the media gets very critical and defensive.

The ad had a comical ending with Tebow tackling his mother and talking about how the family has to be tough. Maybe everyone else should toughen up, too.

It’s a shame the game ended the way it did, and I’m not talking about the Saints winning. I would have liked to have seen Manning take the Colts in for the game-tying touchdown and set up an exciting finish, maybe even go into overtime.

Instead, Manning damaged the talk of him being the greatest quarterback ever. He’s the best out there right now, but guys like Montana, Unitas, Favre and Marino continue hold the upper hand.

Still, Manning has created the easiest job in the NFL. Not playing quarterback for the Colts but being the offensive coordinator for the Colts.

Drew Brees isn’t too shabby, either. I wonder how San Diego fans feel about keeping Phillip Rivers and ditching Brees.

So how was the Super Bowl? I’ll hold my decision for when the Browns finally make it.

I suggest that you don’t hold your breath waiting on my decision.

—— Sinatra ——

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.