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Singing groups ready to deliver vocal Valentines

Valentines Day presents a problem for the romantically challenged: Is a box of candy the better bet or a vase of roses?

Two area singing groups have an alternative to that question: Say it with a song.

The Singing Kernels and The Thundertones will, for a fee, sing your devotion to that loved one.

The men of both groups will deliver “Singing Valentines” on Friday, Feb. 12, Saturday, Feb. 13, and Sunday Feb. 14 in the Tri-State.

The Singing Kernels will present the recipient with a card and a rose and sing a couple of songs at a cost of $40. The moment will be photographed. The Singing Kernels can be reached by calling 532-9752 or (606) 928-8217 or (304) 522-3075.

The Thundertones will sing two old-fashioned love songs and deliver a memento gift and a personalized Valentine card.

The cost of each Thundertones Valentine is $50, which can be charged to a MasterCard or Visa account.  

To order a Thundertones “Singing Valentine” or for more information, call (304)302-NOTE.