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Enforcing laws would help city’s money woes

Just wanted to say that I know the city of Ironton is having money problems.

Couldn’t we perhaps collect revenue from these people who run stop signs, park the wrong way on streets, and live in Ohio but continue to use out of state license tags?

How much would this bring to our budget?

I feel Ironton is high on the scoreboard for running stop signs. If you ever saw an accident victim alive or dead, you would think twice before running stop signs.

I worked Emergency Rooms for 30 years and believe me it isn’t a nice picture to see a person lose their life because someone was in a hurry and ran a stop sign.

I think this is a very big problem here in Ironton and need to be addressed as well as the other mentioned problems.

“I will say of the lord.

He is my refuge and my fortress,

My God in whom I trust.”

— Psalms 94:2

Rennie Kirk