Published 10:02 am Monday, February 15, 2010

—Clinton S. Philips and Dana K. Philips to Bradley and Jennifer Eaves, Union Township, $84,900.

—David and Sherry Bennett, to Brandi M. Price, Union Township, $165,000.

—Sujato Mohanty to Earmel and Sherri Stepp, Rome Township, $250,000.

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—HSBC to Gloria Carmichael, Union Township, $32,000.

—Keith Moore and Kimberly Moore to Breanna Whitmore, Union Township, $88,500.

—Nelson Apartments to Jason S. Watson and Erica C. Ash, village of South Point, $122,800.

—Royce Moore and Cora Moore to Ashlie D. Evans, Rome Township, $82,500.

—Rodney Dwayne Winters to Michael Forester, village of Coal Grove, $60,000.

—Gary Sowards and Trena Sowards to Hansen Tacker Co., village of Coal Grove, $23,500.

—Ralph Classing to Jason Kinder, city of Ironton,$86,000.

—Melody Lake, et al, to Jeremy Thompson and Brittant Thompson, Fayette Township, $26,500.

—Michael Fairchild and Mark Fairchild, trustees, to Aaron Hankins and Kacie Castle, city of Ironton, $175,000.

—Walter Johnson to Glen and Freda Holmes, city of Ironton, $12,000.

—George R. and Karen King to Charles A. and Kimberly Dawson, village of South Point, $211,000.

—David Berman to Stanley Berman, village of South Point, $43,600.

—Diana K. Goodall to Michael and Evelyn Joseph, Upper Township, $150.

—Norman E. and Judy A. Galloway, Rome Township, $39,000.

—Anthony Dyer to Kelli Campbell, Elizabeth Township, $6,600.

—Ivan Popov to Bozidar Ivanon Popov, village of Cal Grove, $8,000.

—Freddie Hayes, et al, to Panda Powell, Rome Township, $27,000.

—Alice Kennedy to Nan Zhang and Xia Mao, Rome Township, $224,000.

—James Hayes and Debbie Hayes to Ann Puckett, Washington Township, $44,900.

—Marcy Kendall, et al, to David R. Cecil and Sherry Cecil, Fayette Township, $15,000.