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Obama’s first year results earn ‘D’ grade, at best

It would seem that everything that ever happened in America can be blamed upon the Republican Party. However, the facts just will not bear those claims made in a recent letter to the editor.

The true facts are that the NAFTA free trade act was enacted by a Democrat named Bill Clinton with the help of both a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House of Representatives. And it happened more than a year before the Republicans took office. It happened Jan. 1, 1994.

Ms. Littlejohn also stated that the Republicans are the ones holding up progress in passing bills.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

When President Obama took office he had a lock on anything that he wanted. The truth is that the Republicans couldn’t stop any bill that the Democrats wanted to pass. It is the Democrats who fought each other and the Republicans were on the outside watching, while nothing was being done. Remember, you can’t blame those who are on the sideline if your team doesn’t play.

Incidentally, the author goes to the Internet to talk about one company that supports the Republicans over the Democrats.

Well, I also went to the Internet and found the list of the top 100 companies that support both parties. Guess what? Out of the 100 companies that support the Democrats, it is 90 to 10 for them. This list of 100 is made up of labor unions, banks, companies, and stocks such as GE, and many more. Incidentally, the company she was so hard on was 78 percent Republican 22 percent Democrat, not like most of the others.

You can hold our president up all you want. However, facts are facts and the facts say that he has lied to us so much that it is hard to believe anything he now says.

He lied about everything being on C-SPAN three days. He lied about no bill with earmarks in it being signed and that he would call out the people with them to the public. Another time he said he would be a bi-partisan president. Ha, ha.

Obama said he wouldn’t sign a bill that couldn’t be paid for. Well, when President Bush left office for his eight years in office, the total deficit for the eight years was $5 trillion dollars.

Now, in President Obama’s watch, it has gone up more than $3 trillion dollars with no end in sight.

These are facts. Look them up. Facts don’t lie. To me, the president is a good speaker but his speeches have a lot of lies in them. He graded his first year a “B+” but, by all standards, it is at best a “D-” if that.

Homer Campbell