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Boy Scout Troop 106 to be honored by city

IRONTON — It’s not every day that a Boy Scout Troop is honored by a city council. In fact, such an event is a rarity.

Yet, that is exactly what will happen in the city council meeting in Ironton Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Ironton City Center.

The Mayor of Ironton, Rich Blankenship, commented, “The Boy Scout Troop 106 helped the city by taking the street sweeping schedule to every home in Ironton. They saved us a lot of money and really helped our community. These boys deserve a big word of thanks from all of us, Mayor Rich Blankenship said.”

The Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 106, Caleb Franz, said, “We clean up after the Gus Macker. We participate in the Memorial Day Parade and then clean up the parade route after it is over so taking the street sweeping schedule was no big deal. We were honored they asked us to do it.”

When asked what the hardest part of the job was, Mikey Munyan, a Life ranked Boy Scout, answered, “Running from the dogs! We had a couple of big dogs that jumped out at us as we went from house to house and that really help jump start your heart!”

Troop 106 has been very active in the community for many years. The Troop was honored a few years ago when they were asked to raise the flag at the Arlington National Cemetery. On Thursday evening, Troop 106 will officially notify the Ironton City Council that they will plant 10 ornamental trees around the city building to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Boys Scouts active in the United States.

Caleb Franz said, “We’re going to plant 10 trees on Saturday, April 24 in the streets of Ironton. We believe in conserving our environment and the power of green. We’re Boy Scouts. That’s always been our mantra.”

Mayor Blankenship added, “These boys demonstrate the kind of community spirit that will help to make positive changes in Ironton. We’re glad they have chosen to serve their community and country through Boys Scouts of America. At their 100th anniversary, we’re glad to honor Boy Scout Troop 106.”

Troop 106 meets every Monday evening at Central Christian Church in Ironton. The Troop has been in continuous service for over 61 years. David Lucas is Scoutmaster.

For more information call Mayor Blankenship at 740-532-3833.