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Ironton submits federal funding requests

IRONTON — The riverfront revitalization and flood pump station rehabilitation each made a list of five projects for which the City of Ironton is requesting federal funding for 2011.

Mayor Rich Blankenship told the Ironton City Council Thursday that he has discussed the requests with Congressman Charlie Wilson and the requests were submitted this week.

The list, which is not in order of priority, is as follows:

Riverfront Park Revitalization. The project will cost $14 million, $5 million of which Blankenship has requested from federal appropriation.

The project will consist of construction and redevelopment of infrastructure, new access roads, an amphitheater, playground areas, health and wellness trail, a boat launch and parking facilities, recreational open space, elevated railroad pedestrian crossing, emergency access road and event parking facilities.

The Ironton floodwall pump station rehabilitation. This project will cost $3.5 million, $3 million of which the mayor has requested from the federal government.

The project will rehabilitate eight pump stations that were constructed in the early 1940s.

North Ironton Sewer Separation. With a total price tag of $4.5 million, the North Ironton Sewer separation project also made the list of requests.

Blankenship asked for $3 million in funding for the project that will bring the city into compliance with a national policy concerning the elimination of combined sewer and storm water discharges.

The Park Avenue/Ninth Street Infrastructure Revitalization. This project has a total cost of $5 million, $4 million for which Blankenship requested funds.

The project will allow the city to improve transportation access as well as make improvements to street lighting, resting facilities and a wellness trail.

The Ro-Na Theatre Cultural Arts Center will cost the city $5 million and the mayor has requested $4.5 million in federal funding. The project consists of restoring the historic theatre to develop a cultural arts center downtown.