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‘Pork’ funding is all relative

When it comes to government, there is a fine line between “pork” and “bacon.”

We want Ohio’s leaders in Washington, D.C. to bring home the proverbial “bacon” even though others may look at these as “pork” projects that are just about throwing something to a district primarily to help win votes.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to the wish list in the city of Ironton.

The projects for which the city has requested funding are vital infrastructure improvements that will lead to job creation and stimulating the economy in Ironton and Lawrence County.

While all of these likely won’t get funding, all are valid requests that would allow the city to move forward on some key projects that may never happen without federal and state assistance.

The five projects are: Riverfront development, the Ironton floodwall pump station rehabilitation, North Ironton Sewer separation, the Park Avenue/Ninth Street Infrastructure revitalization that could pave the way for development there and restoring the Ro-Na Theatre and developing a Cultural Arts Center.

Each of these could have a profound impact on the city. All five together would absolutely help reshape Ironton’s future.

We hope Rep. Charlie Wilson and Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich can do their part to help this funding become more than just wishful thinking.

Call it “pork” or “bacon” or whatever else you like, but the table would be set for Ironton’s future.