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Sex offender push makes area safer

In a county with more than 62,000 residents it may not seem like 105 people are worth the effort to be monitored.

What if one of those 105 — all registered sex offenders who have either pled guilty or been convicted of these types of crime — lived next to you? Would it still be too much trouble?

Keeping our communities and our families safe should never be considered an inconvenience or nuisance.

That was precisely the goal last week when a combined effort between the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation resulted in a sweep to make sure registered sex offenders were doing what they were supposed to under the law and their probation terms. This includes registering with law enforcement.

Called Neighborhood Watch Eastern Borders, the initiative found 10 sex offenders who were not in compliance and are facing charges for parole violations, drug trafficking and firearms violations. Six other people were arrested on other criminal charges.

While this may seem like it is singling out a few individuals, the bottom line is that it is crucial these individuals follow the laws and restrictions that come from these serious crimes.

Many of these individuals have paid for their transgressions and should be allowed to move on. Those who don’t follow the rules remain a danger to our communities and must be monitored.