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First Baptist’s center is great benefit to families

I would like to congratulate the congregation of First Baptist Church in Ironton, Pastor, Dennis Strawn and Associate Pastor Eric Barnes for their tremendous vision in building their new Family Center.

My daughter, Lilly just recently finished the Upward basketball program there and it was a tremendous success.

It was a very positive experience and each and every week it was evident that all of the kids were really having fun.

The new facility is certainly a great asset to our city. I want to also take this time to thank Mike Balestra, Jimmy Rowe and Nick Weber, for giving their time each and every week to the kids on our team.

This is the third time we have had the priviledge of having Mike Balestra coach our daughter. Mike has always been a great role model for the kids and he really makes it fun for the kids.

If you didn’t get to catch the Upward basketball league this year, I highly recommend it for next year. Again, thanks Eric Barnes for a great program for the kids of Ironton!

Jay Zornes