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‘Sexting’ focus of town hall meeting

ROME TOWNSHIP — Sexting. It’s an offbeat sounding word that can bring big and tragic consequences to the teens who indulge in it.

Sexting is the latest obsession to come out of the 21st century’s high-tech world. It is where sexually explicit photos are transmitted via text messaging on cell phones. The photos can be of the teens themselves, friends or strangers.

However, there can be significant legal ramifications to the act of sexting. That’s why the government and current issues classes of Sharon Graham at Fairland High School will be a part of an upcoming Town Hall Meeting, conducted via distance learning on the issue.

Green High School is also planning to participate in the forum.

The meeting is sponsored by the U.S. Attorney’s office will be interactive, allowing viewers to participate via text messaging.

Fairland High’s participation in this event came about after Graham received information about it from the high school’s librarian, Evelyn Capper.

“I thought this might be something very valuable for my students to be aware of the law regarding sexting,” Graham said. “I have juniors and seniors. I wanted them to know their rights and responsibilities before they walk out of Fairland High School.”

Panelists featured in the town hall meeting, who will be speaking from Cleveland, are the Honorable Thomas O’Malley, judge of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, Michael A. Sullivan, assistant U.S. attorney, Robin Palmer, director of the Mokita Center, which she founded in 1986 that provides services to those found delinquent or guilty of sex offenses, and Detective Charles Gute, of the Berea Police Department.

The town hall forum will be from 1 to 2 p.m. Friday.