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America is spending itself into bankruptcy

I guess that in order to get the truth out about my letter I will go to the history of the vote, which took place after George Bush left office.

These are the facts, not according to myself, but recorded in history.

When the House of Representatives voted on NAFTA, the vote was long after Bush left office. Although 132 Republicans voted for NAFTA, 102 Democrats also voted for it. In the Senate, 61 Senators voted for and 38 against it.

Now, to say that George Bush approved it, yes he wanted it. The bill, after being approved by both the House and Senate, was signed by Bill Clinton 324 days after George Bush left office and he couldn’t twist any arms. These are the facts to the letter of the law.

On the 30 Republicans who voted against the Franken amendment, all 30 of them should be voted out of office, and I personally will not vote for one of them.

Now, when will you get your head out of the sand?

The truth is that 218 votes will pass any bill in the House and the truth is that the Democrats had a 254 vote to 181 edge. How could any Republican bring up anything? The house is totally controlled by Democrats.

The Senate, in 2009, had a 60 to 40 vote advantage for the Democrats. Again, they could shut out anything the Republicans wanted to do. Again this is fact, not fiction.

Now, as for President Obama, just what has he accomplished in the time he has been in office besides spending us into oblivion and still saying how many jobs he has created? 

Do you not know that every government job that he creates just adds to the deficit because there isn’t any money coming in to pay for these jobs?

Open your eyes to the fact that America is being spent into bankruptcy. What will happen when our interest on our national debt reaches between 60 and 70 percent of our gross national product?

There will be no money to pay for our military, welfare, Medicade, education or Social Security (which both parties have spent).

We are rapidly heading there and neither party has shown fiscal restraint. However, Mr. Obama shows no restraint in spending.

Homer Campbell