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Class of 1970s to host reunion

When Stephanie Anderson Neff entered the Ironton City building on March 14, she was surprised that she didn’t know a soul.

Alan Tackett felt the exact same way.

As a matter of fact, few of the 12 former Ironton and Saint Joseph High School students in attendance knew one another on a personal level.

That’s odd for a class reunion meeting; but this isn’t an ordinary reunion.

On Memorial Day weekend, Anderson Neff and Tackett, both 1970 IHS grads, along with other members of their class, will be reminiscing about the 40 years that have passed since they graduated high school.

And they’ll do it with all of the graduating classes from the entire decade of the 1970s.

A little more than a year ago, IHS grads Rusty Ball, Howard Miller and Keith Wineka became reacquainted via the social networking Web site Facebook. During their chats, the trio floated the idea of having a reunion this summer.

Since they graduated in different classes, the idea of having a reunion consisting of all graduating classes from 1970 to 1979 surfaced.

St. Joe was also included in their initial talks, as each had friendships with students from the Ironton Catholic school.

As the men posted their ideas back and forth, even creating a Facebook profile to measure interest in the reunion idea, other members of different ‘70s classes became involved. Several meetings have been held throughout the past year in efforts to coordinate such a huge event.

March 14, was one such meeting. Julie Parnell Kriebel, Jodi Rowe Collins, Suzie Layne Keller, Debi Eldridge Taylor, Joyce Massie Ward, Shara Snead Runyon, Mary Ann Bryant Hunt, Liz Hock Clark, Tina Fletcher McRae, and Joanne Taylor Suddereth, all representing various classes from the ‘70s, along with Anderson Neff and Tackett, gathered to further tweak preparations for the festivity.

Like any serious effort, this group was organized and ready to talk business.

Minutes from the previous meeting were shared and agenda items discussed. Everything from transportation and lodging to food and entertainment was brainstormed and prioritized.

In short, those organizing the “I Love the 70s Reunion,” are obviously serious about putting on a top notch event.

The group is in the process of contacting a multitude of former students.

Part of the celebration will include paying tribute to ‘70s classmates who have passed away.

To assist in a planned PowerPoint biographical presentation, they are asking for information and pictures of departed members.

Also, those who have photos from the past are encouraged to contact Suzie Layne Keller at suziekeller@gmail.com, or Julie Parnell Kriebel at (740) 532-4234 or via email at juliekriebel@yahoo.com.

The group is also seeking volunteers to assist in a variety of duties, including valets, bartenders, and security personnel.

To help, or for further information on the reunion, contact Parnell Kriebel or Layne Keller via the information listed above.