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Farmer’s Market supports our local community

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get outside! The daylight hours are longer and the weather is getting better.

With the arrival of seed catalogs in the mail, many of us are thinking about what kind of vegetables and flowers to plant in our gardens.

We are inviting Lawrence Countians, and those living in the counties that border Lawrence County, of all ages, to bring their vegetables, divided flowers, etc. to the Ironton Farmer’s Market.

Beginning May 1, the Farmer’s Market will be open all day on Saturdays, running through October 1. There is no fee to set up your table.

As stated in the Ironton City Ordinance passed last April, only “locally grown goods” or “locally produced goods” will be permitted for sale. The re-selling of purchased wholesale produce will not be permitted. Note: In our area, locally grown produce will not be ready for sale until the end of June.

Sharing your homemade and homegrown goods at the Farmer’s Market is great way to make a few extra dollars and connect with your neighbors.

You can also pick up some valuable tips on gardening from people at the market with similar interests. If you are new to the area of gardening, there are many resources to help.

The Lawrence County Extension Office has a wide range of free fact sheets. Briggs Library also offers a large selection of books in this field. You will be surprised what just a small area in your yard can produce.

Tomatoes, green beans and corn are always needed and are quick to sell.

May is a great time to bring fresh and divided flowers to the Farmer’s Market. Fruits such as apples, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, etc. also are in great demand. Homemade baked goods such as zucchini breads, cookies and pies are good sellers.

The sale of processed goods may require a permit from the health department. We encourage groups such as church organizations, 4-H clubs, garden clubs, etc. to organize a project for the Farmer’s Market this year.

So make your plans and participate in the Farmer’s Market.

The Farmer’s Market is in the Municipal Lot, located on 2nd Street in Ironton.

Please feel free to contact Judy Balmer at (740) 643-2196 if you have any questions.

If you do not have something to sell at the Farmer’s Market, please support our vendors and enrich your diet with locally grown food.

Sharon Gothard