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McFann ‘equipped’ for Ohio University job

ATHENS — Ryan McFann has turned volunteer work into a paying career.

As an undergraduate at Ohio University, McFann decided to get involved in his chosen field. Looking for a degree in sports industry with a minor in business, the 1998 Ironton St. Joseph graduate took up a volunteer position as a student manager his junior year.

McFann completed his degree in 2002 but remained in school to obtain his master’s in coaching education in the fall of 2003.

“I volunteered my junior year and I was a full-time football student equipment manager my senior year,” said McFann. “I got the graduate assistant job at the Peden Stadium equipment room while I was in grad school.”

The following year of graduate school McFann was elevated to interim assistant director of equipment and then had the interim tag removed.

The promotion put McFann in the Convocation Center and added responsibilities as well. McFann is responsible for men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, and men’s and women’s golf.

“My work hours depends on the sport seasons, but I usually work eight hours a day during the week but sometimes more, and weekends vary,” said McFann.

“During the fall quarter, I work a lot of weekends because of soccer and volleyball home games.”

Besides his regular duties, McFann also works the Convocation Center during the boys’ and girls’ district and regional high school basketball tournaments. He also helps when Ohio hosts high school football playoff games.

Although he has been full-time the past six years, McFann said he wouldn’t mind some new challenges.

“Although I love Athens and Ohio University, I would like to move on to work for a bigger university,” said McFann.

“I would also like to work in the NFL as an equipment manager. I did an internship with the Cleveland Browns back in 2002 and really enjoyed it.

“WIth the NFL, you’re dealing with bigger names and bigger everything.”