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Thieves don’t understand sentimental value of item

As this should have been a joyous weekend with my family and friends, it was scarred by someone who doesn’t seem to care about people in general.

Several years ago my Dad made a wishing well that sat in my front yard under my big picture window on North Fifth Street.

Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning someone took my wishing well.

Well, some people would say it was just an old wishing well that probably needed some repair but to me it was priceless.

See my Dad had made that for me and my Dad passed away two years ago. So, I cannot go to Dad and say hey listen can you make me another one because someone didn’t care what the sentimental value was of it.

I beg the person or persons who took it to please bring it back, no questions asked.

Please help restore my faith in people, because this one is hard to believe that you cannot even have something as precious as an item that someone makes for you in your yard to enjoy.

Dottie Sensabaugh