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Government intrusion won’t rebuild our nation

The miracle of the United States becoming the strongest, the richest, and the most generous nation in the world and in recorded history, was not produced by socialism or by government owned and operated industry, or by centralized economic planning.

It was made possible by private enterprises in a profit and loss system. And losses were as important as profits in ensuring successes.

If we let government bail out failing industries and continue to take over private business we are headed for oblivion.

Government has no place in business just as business has no place in government.

We need only to look at Ford Motor Company who made a profit last year as opposed to GM and Chrysler who gobbled up our tax money and still had huge losses and will continue to have losses as long as they do not have to make a profit for the stockholders.

Big Brother takes care of them.

How would you like to have your retirement in GM and Chrysler stocks?

Politicians and or political appointees (Czars) are not businessmen.

They are not there to make a profit. They are there to expand socialism and control the vote of their workers so they will get re-elected.

Even now with the passage of the health care law government is expanding. Next will be the banking industry and It has already started with the student loan law, then next the ”hated” insurance industry and on and on and on.

If you will look at recent history Communist Russia (the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) and its puppet governments in Europe only worked as a dictatorships and then only until the people could no longer pay the taxes to support them.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “We are not a country governed by a majority, we are a country governed by a majority who participate.”

Voter apathy gave us a president bent on removing God from our nation and making The United States a secular state as well as a socialist country.

He has just penned a treaty with Russia taking away some of our nuclear advantage, and next he will try to destroy our Armed Forces.

And now to add insult to injury he (after bowing to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia) has snubbed the Prime Minister of Israel and is pushing sanctions against the only true friend we have ever had in the Middle East.

We, the voting public, have the power to rectify this mistake by limiting the terms of Congress, vote them out of office, and in doing so cripple this socialist administration.

But we must vote.

Mark Burton