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Rock Hill to save $20K on purchase of new buses

ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP — Rock Hill school board members Thursday evening jumped at a chance to save $20,000 on transportation costs.

Superintendent Wes Hairston told the board he has learned from Cardinal Bus Sales the district could save $20,000 by purchasing in-stock buses rather than custom bid buses.

In-stock buses are new buses that are already built and on the lot.

They have the same safety features and equipment as custom-bid buses. Treasurer Chris Robinson said the buses have all the specifications the district had listed in its bid.

At $160,382, these buses just cost less and, because they are already built, the wait time to receive them will be shorter.

“If we can save $20,000, it seems non sensical not to,” Hairston said.

“They’re still brand new buses?” board member Keith Roth asked.

“They’re still brand new buses,” Hairston agreed.

“Good deal, I’ll make the motion,” Roth replied.

“Will we have them by the start of the next school year?” board member Wanda Jenkins asked.

“We will,” Hairston replied.

The board meeting was recessed until 6 p.m. Tuesday. Board president Dennie Hankins was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting.

On Tuesday the board is expected to discuss contract negotiations, funding for the child development center and personnel assignments for the coming year.