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Elks Club criticism is just off-base, negativity

I wanted to respond to Billy Bruce’s article concerning the Ironton Elks #177.

I had to wait until I cooled off before I wrote this.

First, you have broken your vows as an Elks member so paying your dues probably will not mean you are a member.

Let me address some of the points in your article.

First, all trustee meetings are open to open to any member in good standing and your input is welcome.

Second, the Elks as well as other clubs, is suffering from the lack of disposable income during this recession.

Thirdly, we do not have a juke box but we do have three large screen TVs and with the sports package you can watch almost any sporting event.

A fourth point I would like to address is nepotism, indecisiveness and unwillingness to change.

First there is no clique, all Elks are welcome and encouraged to become involved in decisions making and running for office.

Too many are willing to do nothing but take cheap shots and not get involved. Your attendance and vote are not only welcome, but needed.

The Elks offer shuffle board, pool, card playing and just socializing. This is a club where you don’t have to watch your back, Elks look out for their fellow Elks.

If your dad were alive he would attest to that. I have been a member of Ironton Elks for 53 years and I have witnessed many changes and I can assure you that the officers of this club would be delighted to step down and let some other members take over.

You could have led this movement if you were not so negative.

Tom Allyn